Sarnus | Firenze | Scheda Libro

Giochi a Firenze e in Toscana nel Rinascimento

Sarnus, 2020

Pages: 144

Features: b/w ills, paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-563-0271-4


Toscanoni, 6


DSU1 / Storia

SS5 / Antropologia

SS7 / Cultura popolare

TL2 / Sport, giochi

TL3 / Bambini, ragazzi

€ 11,40

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Italian text

Children, teenagers, and adults have been playing since the dawn of time: playing is a natural instinct. Today computers and cell phones have killed the old ways of entertainment: it’s a real shame, because most of the games are based on lost rituals, age-old cultures, ancient traditions. Plunging into old chronicles and treatises, or drawing from famous works of art, the authors of this book reconstruct a playful world that has now disappeared, a universe made up of running and somersaults, playing cards and balls.